2021 Gift Guide

  • Nov 1, 2021

It's that time of the season. We're excited for all the future food we want to indulge in, but we have the pressure of gift purchases left to make. Let us help you generate gift ideas for the holiday season!


By: Stephanie Lopez



Leave it to Leisure

Since last year, the want for ultimate comfort became so common that wearing leisure items were also acceptable when going outdoors. Engaging in self-care and ultimate comfort has been encouraged recently since working from home became the norm. People love receiving items they can use when they want to unwind. Items like blankets or robes are timeless. They are always needed and always used! Take it to a new level by gifting a blanket hoodie that can be lounged in during the winter months whether it's indoors or at the next sporting event. Gifting some wine tumblers or whiskey glasses with a meat and cheese board from Maple Ridge Farms is also a nice gift for people to enjoy during the holiday months.



Trending in Tech

Year after year tech items have a strong hold for being the top items that are gifted. From wireless headphones to wireless chargers, you can't go wrong with anything that requires Bluetooth. Like this Bluetooth keyboard that can be used on any IOS or Android device. Or give the ultimate social media guru a selfie light that can clip onto their phone. It's a great item they can take with them anywhere they go.


Kitchen Chronicles

Sending gifts out early, especially kitchenware, can be useful during the holidays. For one, it lowers the chance of your package getting delayed, but it can also become useful to use in the kitchen to prepare holiday meals! Items like cutting boards are always essential. They are great for food prep or for tasty looking charcuterie boards. Wow guests with a cocktail tool that does it all. Make entertaining a breeze by creating drinks with the Cocktail Bar tool.
Give the grill master a gift he won't forget. This Texas sized BBQ spatula will have you doing double takes that's for sure.

Send a Safety Kit!

Last winter, several parts of Texas were impacted by a severe snowstorm we were not prepared for. Sending an emergency snow kit to clients as an appreciation shows that you care about their wellbeing while the holidays approach. Some items to consider would be a flashlight, embroidered blanket, lighter, battery-operated lantern and a faucet cover. A big issue a lot of people encountered aside from having no power or water, was having pipes burst and flood spaces because of the extreme weather. The faucet cover is a great item to gift considering it's something most people do not have in their home!

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