Essential Items For Your Next Event

  • May 5, 2021

Summer is just around the corner. It is about that time when planning takes place for any upcoming festivals, outdoor events, fundraisers and more! Plan with ease by making sure you include these items at your next event.

By: Stephanie Lopez


Spread Cheer, Not Germs

More than ever, everyone has become extra cautious about spreading germs. Make sure your guests at your event have hand sanitizer readily available to them. A great way to ensure people are constantly reminded to sanitize their hands is by having several hand sanitizing stations around. Since they are battery operated, there is no hassle in trying to hide any wires and they can be displayed just about anywhere. The hand sanitizing station is also automatic, so with a wave of your hand, you can dispense hand sanitizer. The best part is that it is reusable! Even after your event you will get so much use out of this item. Check out more details on this

Hand sanitizer station.

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Say Cheese!

People are constantly taking photos, especially at big events. That is already great influencer marketing. So, make sure your event has aesthetically pleasing areas for photo ops. A great item that can also be reusable for another event are backdrops. You can get creative with this backdrop and add neat art, a fun saying or simply your company branding. The beauty of this item is that once purchased, you can always buy more banners to align with what you will be using it for. Check out this 8.5x10 backdrop.


Swag Bags

Everyone loves free stuff! It is said that 90% of people are likely to go out of their way to receive a giveaway. The mistake people make with swag bags at events is that they give out items their guests cannot use right away or are most likely uninterested in. A great item to start with is a bag but choosing the right bag will determine if it ends up in a random box in their garage or in their closet. Choose one that does not crowd up their closet like this convertible bag that can be folded into a small pouch. 

The items that you hand out in the swag bag should be something they could immediately use and therefore provide more exposure for your event. If you are planning an outdoor event, this 5 piece outdoor kit is great for your guests to use. It comes with sunscreen, hand sanitizer, bug repellent spray, bug bite relief spray, and after sun spray. These items are great for emergency use on the spot or to keep after the event. 
Planning the details of your event should not have to be stressful! Think outside the box when planning your next event.
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