New Year Goals (And Achieving Them)

  • Dec 28, 2020


"New year, new me." The infamous phrase that follows every new year. How many times have we set several goals for ourselves to complete in a year and find ourselves disappointed by the results or lack of? Planning out your goals instead of making a list and hoping you follow through on your promises is not enough. Let us dive in on what can help you become a step closer in achieving those goals.


    The top New Year's resolution is a combination of exercising more, losing weight, or eating healthy. We see this every year, gyms promote their special rates, retail stores move their fitness apparel and gadgets to the front of the store, and grocery stores advocate for healthy meals and storage containers for meal prepping. The problem when we start these goals is, we want to achieve them so quickly that we burn out within the first 20 days. Set smaller goals within your resolutions to make sure it is something to continue for the rest of the year and hopefully past this new year as well. Good examples could be losing 5 pounds in a month, running 2-3 times a week, or including more vegetables in your meals.


    Resolutions usually revolve around self-improvement. Learning a new skill or acquiring a new hobby always sounds enticing but executing it takes some discipline. If it is learning a new language, a good way to start would be to download an app like Duolingo. This is where the discipline comes in. Start it but stick to it by giving yourself a time frame of what level you want to reach by a specific time of the year. Same goes for a new hobby. How often are you going to actively participate in this new hobby? And how realistic are you willing to make time for it.


    If your resolutions include business goals, then planning out your strategy is important. Identify first what exactly you want to achieve. Examples like:


  • Reach 5,000 followers by the end of 2021
  • Increase your sales numbers by 30%
  • Land 300 new clients
A good start is what we have been discussing. Breaking up your end goal so it is less intimating. Making weekly or monthly goals are key in the success of your resolutions, not just business goals but in any of your list of goals.
With that being said, 2021 can be a fresh start. It all starts with your mindset. While some may choose to live by "New year, new me", how about we begin with "New year, new opportunity."
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