Promoting Health In The Workplace

  • Jan 13, 2023

Keeping the team productive at the office can sometimes feel like a stretch after a long year. But by promoting healthy habits among your team members, it can significantly improve overall moods and behaviors in the workplace.

By: Stephanie Lopez

    One of the main things companies are focusing on when it comes to their employees is their mental well-being. According to a 2021survey by the American Psychological Association, 79% of employees had experienced work-related stress amid the pandemic, including loss of interest, motivation, or energy, and lack of effort at work. Part of promoting health in the workplace includes offering mental health support. Whether that entails offering programs that encourage seeking virtual therapy sessions or providing mandatory days off to rejuvenate. 

    Encouraging health conscious eating can be challenging when spending 40+ hours a week at a desk. A great way to support employees in their health goals is by providing healthy snacks in the breakroom. Stocking the shelves with apples, bananas, pretzels, trail mix, the works! Supplying donuts for morning meetings are tasty but can be an easy swap for a fresh fruit tray.

    With the amount of caffeine we drink at work to boost our energy levels, we can't forget to balance it out with our water consumption! Evidence shows that mild dehydration can affect your mood, memory, and brain performance. Even a slight drop in hydration can result in headaches, lower concentration, and increased perception of task difficulty. A great way to remind the team to stay hydrated throughout the work day is by providing a tumbler or any kind of drinkware product they can keep at their desk. If your office does not have a designated water station, providing a water filter like the most popular used Brita can help set an increase of water consumption in motion!

    Sitting at a desk all day can hinder the focus factor of getting work done. Coordinate a designated walk time where employees can use 15-20 minutes of their day taking a walk outside to increase blood flow throughout the body. According to a study done by ScienceDaily, researchers found that walking is not only good for your heart and muscles but also benefits your brain by sending pressure waves through the arteries to increase the amount of blood it supplies. Being active throughout the day can help elevate the overall productivity your team exudes in getting work tasks completed.

Because we spend 5 out of the 7 days a week at work, it is important to reduce the amount of burnout employees feel by promoting and encouraging healthy habits throughout the office.


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