Spring Into Action

  • Apr 12, 2021

  Spring is here and it is time to adjust to warmer days. The switch from the cold blue tinted atmosphere can sometimes drag on for a little too long. Day light savings time has begun and it's time to make use of that extra hour of daylight.


Room to Grow

    The spring is prime time when trying to develop your green thumb. Ensuring you have all the right materials is crucial when starting your planting journey. You can't go wrong with gardening essentials like these gloves that can help you tidy up your garden of weeds or when pulling out produce. Not that advanced yet? Start with something small like some of these indoor plants!

These are perfect to have at the office or in your kitchen. (Its magnetic and suction cup backing can stick almost anywhere!)


Grow your own herbs like parsley, cilantro, dill, basil, mint and so many others!


This ceramic planter set goes perfect with any decor!
Whether it's on or by your desk, in your bedroom or in your living room, your guests will enjoy the liveliness it will bring to your space.

Keeping it Tidy

    Ah, spring cleaning--There's something about the change in weather that makes us realize we want to clean and rid our life of things we no longer need! While the first thought that comes to mind when we think of spring cleaning is rearranging and cleaning our home, why not also keep the interior of our automobiles clean? We often clean our homes, more than we clean our cars.



A great tool to have handy is a vacuum, it is portable, lightweight and plugs in to a car accessory power outlet. The plug is over 8 feet long making it easier to maneuver throughout the interior of your car!

Speaking of vacuums, a neat item that can help tidy up your workspace is this hand held battery powered desktop vacuum. Some might think it is excessive to have but it can easily eliminate any crumbs or dust in a pinch!

The #1 item that holds hundreds of thousands of germs are our cell phones. They are the dirtiest item we carry daily. According to studies made on Study Finds, 1 in 4 Americans said they have NEVER cleaned their cell phones. Gross! Do not be one of those people by sanitizing your phone daily with a UV sanitizing chamber




Let's go outdoors!

    Spring, the perfect in-between of enjoying the warm sun and cool breeze. Spending time outdoors will be easier when you have the right products. An outdoor essential that is often kept for several years, are folding chairs. There are so many options to choose from that can accommodate any spring activity you are engaging in. 


Getting our steps in especially outdoors is a little easier now that the sun doesn't set so early. Nothing like a little friendly competition to get everyone in motion! Giving these Smart Fitness Trackers to your employees could be the start of a spring tradition at the office!


Get your sweat on and get back to those new year resolutions you set for yourself. With the help of a cooling towel, you'll be able to stay cool while working out or engaging in any outdoor activities.

Don't forget to stay hydrated! Drinking enough water a day can be tough. But this Ice Shaker Bottle can help keep your water cold for hours and is can easily be taken on the go.

Spring activities are in full swing. What will you be doing to enjoy the season?

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