Time to Tailgate

  • Sep 9, 2021

Tailgating we have missed you! A year with no spectators at sports events really makes you appreciate all the things we were unable to do. Now that tailgating is returning, here are items we expect to see out on the parking lots! The great thing is that a lot of these items can be found in the university's spirit store. 

By: Stephanie Lopez

The set-up

Setting the scene is important. You want to have all the things required to show your school spirit. Avoid the hot sun by setting up your branded canopy. The great thing is they come in so many different colors and can easily match your school colors. Not a fan of sitting on the tailgate? Folding chairs are an outdoor must-have, especially if you are repping your school's logo. It's not a tailgate party without some tunes! A good Bluetooth speaker with long battery power can make or break your tailgates. Maximize the space under your tent by using this 2-in-1 Bluetooth speaker cooler. Once fall has started, get ready for cool weather. Your favorite university blanket will be your life saver once the sun sets and that afternoon breeze starts blowing. 


Blissful beverages

Everyone has at least a couple of these, and probably enough to go around! Can coolers, or more commonly known as "Koozies", are great to have at tailgates to keep your drink from getting warm. It's a convenient way to show off your school pride while enjoying a cold beverage. Staying hydrated during tailgates is important, having a water jug handy like the most commonly used Igloo 5 Gallon dispenser will be essential on those hot sunny days. This hat will be the talk of the town! This hands free beverage hard hat could make for a great conversation starter.


All in the details

Time to go all out on your team spirit! From jerseys to pom poms, there are endless possibilities to what you can wear to a tailgate. Our favorites include University branded caps, foam fingers, beaded necklaces, T-shirts, face tattoos, you name it! Not to mention all the items you can bring to the actual game. Check out all the spirit items that are crowd pleasers here.


We are so excited for the upcoming fall season; we can't wait to see how it will turn out.

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