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  • Jan 29, 2021

    Voice marketing has been steadily growing popular over the years. Consumers are constantly engaging with new brands, products, and businesses through other forms of media besides your typical social media platforms. Since the start of the nationwide lockdown in March of 2020, there has been a growth in the number of podcasts available online. So, we are going to dive into how podcasts can positively impact your business as well as a new app that has been making its way up the charts in the app store.

Podcasts are a great way to engage with your customers on another level. Some people may not always have the time to browse through social media. That is when podcasts become appealing as it allows the user to play the podcast while they are going about their day. A podcast can be a great way for your customers to get further insight on who your company is. 1 in 3 people listen to podcasts and on average, people spend about 6 hours and 45 minutes a week listening to podcasts. Even if you or your company do not have the time or resources to have a podcast, a great alternative to that is to be featured as a guest to a podcast that is related to your industry. Podcasts are also the lowest in Ad skips of any digital media used. Less than 10% of users skip through the Ads given by the person speaking in the podcast. So, another alternative to being on a podcast, would be to purchase an Ad space on an already existing podcast.

Another voice marketing method has recently created some buzz online. A new app called Clubhouse has been climbing the charts in the IOS app store. Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app where people can go from chatroom to chatroom and jump in on listening to people's live conversations. One key difference in Clubhouse from regular podcasts are that podcasts are pre-recorded and then uploaded. On Clubhouse, people begin a live chat at a moment’s notice and begin chatting about the main topic of their conversation. Think of it as a zoom meeting but not being able to see them, most of the time everyone's cameras are turned off anyway! For now, the app is only available for IOS and not android users but will hopefully soon be available for all users. One downfall of the app currently, is that it is on an invite only basis for the time being. 

Expanding your marketing efforts can help not only you break out of your comfort zone but help your clients go beyond their Facebook feed. Voice marketing could very well be just what you need to expand your business this year.

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