Why CRM Is Important

  • Mar 14, 2022

Whether you're a big company or a small business, the way you utilize your customer relationship management can determine your path to new business growth. Customer  relationship management or CRM is the business strategy used to improve customer service and relationships. 


By: Stephanie Lopez



1. Keep in constant communication. 

Touch base with your clients on a weekly or monthly basis by sending a follow up email with new information they can benefit from. A lot of times, we interact with a client via email for so long before we ever actually get to meet them. While it does take some extra time from your work schedule, giving your clients a call can further the already established relationship with your client. However, you will need to gauge how often to reach out to your customers, so you do not hinder the relationship by becoming another spam email or call they choose to avoid.


2. Send out surveys.

This can help tremendously by not only knowing what is working for your clients but what needs improvement. Sending these out so often will help your business stay on top of keeping your clients happy. This also establishes trust throughout your clients in knowing they can go to you if things are not satisfactory. By watching these surveys closely, you will gain inside knowledge on what your clients think about your business and whether your product or service will have them coming back more.


3. Show your appreciation.

Sometimes the best gifts are the unexpected ones. Show your clients appreciation by occasionally sending them a gift. Whether it's for a holiday, company anniversary or just because! They will for sure take note on how involved you are in other aspects that don't just include them paying an invoice. Another perfect time to send them a gift is on their birthday. Once you start strengthening your CRM it will become second nature for you to think about them in unrelated business endeavors.


Let your business strategies help you with your customer relationship management this new year!

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